Really Be Seen Reflectors

Really be seen reflectors using the most advanced prismatic retro reflective technology available, make sure that you and your vehicle, when out and about, are highly visible at night.

Our maxim, BE SEEN-BE SAFE reflectors are common sense, the greater the efficency of the reflective material on your person, motorhome, caravan, bicycle motorbike, disability scooter, walking aids, sea kayak, horse box, riding stirrups and helmet, farm vehicles and trailers. The greater the safety.

Fit THE BRIGHTEST REFLECTORS AND REFLECTIVE TAPE IN THE WORLD and enjoy greater safety and greater peace of mind.


Reflective Kayak Tape
Really be Seen Kayaks, Canoes & Leisure Craft

Reflective kayak tape 13 times brighter than any reflective tape in the world.Greatly improve the visability of your  sea kayak, kayak, canoe or other vessel in the event of a search and rescue. Increase the chance of being seen by others by using our kayak reflectors


SOLAS retro reflective panels will reflect light from up to 2000 feet (606 metres) away.*
Impervious to sea water, Fungal resistant, temperature resistant from minus 35 to plus 65 degrees C. Strong aggressive adhesion, will not come off. Can be cut to suit size required. Suitable for paddle reflectors as well. Hi Viz, takes on a whole  new meaning when you use our reflective material.

* Depending on strength of light source

REALLY BE SEEN are proud sponsors of   the two man row across the Atlantic. Raising funds for RNLI training

Plus another row across the Atlantic, but this time with a 4 man team. In aid of the treatment for Leukaemia.
Reflective kayak tape

Standard Set
17 Silver precut self adhesive SOLAS panels:
16 x 100mm x 40mm
1 x 100mm x 90mm

All products include full instructions and a sachet of 10 wet wipes.
All orders are delivered within 7 working days of order received and paid for.

Reflective Kayak Tape

Jeff Allen of Sea Kayaking Cornwall with the Really be Seen reflectives fitted to his kayaks.
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